Nextivity Consulting is a medical device and in vitro diagnostics firm with deep industry experience.  We specialize in:


  • Strategic Consulting
  • Business Cases with Full P&L, NPV/IRR/DCFROI
  • Stochastic Modeling (Monte Carlo Analysis)
  • Forecasting of New Product Introduction (NPI)
  • Product Lifecycle Management including Technology Adoption, Competitive Landscape, and Obsolescence/Migration Planning
  • Analytics
  • HEOR (Health Economics Outcomes Research)
  • Big Data
  • Macroeconomic Health Trends
  • Regulatory Risk Cycle Modeling
  • Customer-base Analytics


We work with a global network of market research firms specializing in:

  • Usability and Human Factors Testing
  • Primary Market Research (1:1, focus group, web, etc)
  • Pricing Research (Adaptive Choice-based Conjoint)


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